What is Cercles.Coop?

Online Assemblies for Cooperatives
It is a digital repository of open-source resources for preparing and holding virtual company meetings with the legal guarantees established by current legislation. It is aimed at cooperatives and federations of cooperatives. It is also open to social economy entities and organisations that have democratic participation processes incorporated into their bodies.
Cercles.Coop includes a guide of technical recommendations, the voting platform and a guide to its use.

What is Decidim?

It is an open-source participatory platform for cities and organisations.
With Decidim it is possible to set up spaces for participation (initiatives, assemblies, processes or consultations) and enrich them through the multiple components available (face-to-face meetings, surveys, proposals, voting, monitoring of results, comments and much more).

How can I use Cercles.Coop?

CoopCat offers this service through which we pool the cost of maintenance on a platform managed by CoopCat and the cooperative federations. Apply here.
The resources in this guide have been developed by Confederacióde Cooperatives de Catalunya (CoopCat) and are subject to a Creative Commons Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
The developed code has been developed under AGPL 3.0 license (see section "Developed code reference").