Broadcasting mode

Broadcast the videoconference live via youtube

YouTube is the most widely used service for broadcasting live video. Some of the videoconferencing systems already include options to broadcast the video of the videoconference through a youtube video. However, it is important to remember that other systems can be used, such as Vimeo, but in order not to complicate this guide we will only focus on the broadcasting system via youtube.
The aim of this broadcasting system is to carry out the videoconference with the meeting leaders through one of the aforementioned videoconferencing tools and, in real time, to broadcast this videoconference on YouTube so that anyone who has the link can follow it.
We cannot expect to hold a strictly private meeting broadcast on youtube. Although youtube allows you to set a live broadcast as "Private" this only means that it will not appear in the results of youtube searches, but anyone with the link will be able to view the broadcast, as there is no uniquely identifiable user access verification system. If we need privacy we will need a Webinar system, in the case of more than 10 members, or a simple videoconference system, in the case of 10 or less members.

1. Set up youtube channel

You must have a Google account (such as a gmail account) and fulfil a series of requirements to be able to broadcast live videos.

2. Planning a live video

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    At the top right, click on Go Live
    to open the Live Control Room.
  3. 3.
    Click on the page with the calendar icon: Manage.
  4. 4.
    Click on Schedule stream .
  5. 5.
    Fill in the form with our data as shown in the following images:
At the moment of starting the live playback, we need to have the stream key, which we can copy by clicking on the button as shown in the image above.

Options for connecting videoconferencing systems to youtube live broadcasting

The following is a list of videoconferencing systems with a direct link to youtube live:



When you are in the videoconference room, click on the three vertical dots on the bottom right, select the option start live believe (start live playback) and enter the stream key that you have obtained from youtube as ex plained above. Then, the resulting video will be shown, so that any member or guest will be able to follow the meeting. The live broadcasts on youtube have a system of participation via xat that allows moderation.
Other options:
When the option to broadcast video through youtube is not available on the videoconferencing system, we need to implement a system that allows us to capture the video of the videoconference and send the information to youtube. For this, we can use the OBS free program to capture any video from any videoconferencing system and broadcast it through youtube. For example, here is an explanation of how todo it if we use Skype.
OBS also allows you to edit live video, for example: to add captions describing who is speaking or to introduce different phases of the meeting.

Share the youtube video

By clicking on the top right, you can share the youtube link that will allow viewers to watch the video and participate in the event, it will be a link of the type and this link can be sent together with the call for the meeting.

Show the youtube video on the Cercles.Coop voting platform.

For greater convenience, we can show the video on the Cercles.Coop voting platform, as this way it is all integrated into a single space. We can do this by going to the administration area of the voting platform under Queries > Query in question and edit the following fields:
  • Description: In the description itself we can add the youtube link that we have obtained before.
  • Introductory video URL: In this case we have to change the URL, if the URL we obtained was we have to enter In other words, replace with
The result, on the page, will be similar to: